Top Ten Trends for 2002

Ten Predictions of the Key Cyber trends in 2002 - By Ivan Surjanovic

It's that time of year when we envision what the next year will bring. Here are our ten predictions of the key Cyber trends in 2002:

  1. Internet Population will continue to grow
    • a total of 459 million people around the world have home-based Internet access.
    • worldwide at-home Internet population increased by 30 million people from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2001. (Source: Nielsen Net Ratings)
  2. Online Spending will continue to grow
    • Researchers estimate that 58% of all Internet users have bought a product online, up from 51% this time last year.
    • eMarketer estimates that U.S. B2C e-commerce revenues, which totalled $38.3 billion in 2000, will quadruple to $156 billion by 2005.
    • According to statistics Canada, Canadian households almost tripled the value of online purchases in 2000 compared to 1999
  3. Online advertising will continue to grow
    US Online Advertising Spending, according to Forrester Research, will grow from 7.30 bill (in 2001), to 11.40 bill (in 2003).
  4. Online travel bookings will be one of the fastest growing e-commerce segment
    Online Leisure travel bookings will grow from $ 14. 8 bill to 28.2 bill in 2005, according to
  5. New legislation is to be expected
    New regulation - particularly around the areas of privacy and consumer rights. Governments will gradually catch up with the Internet.
  6. Virus protection and security will become an ever-increasing concern
  7. Spam will continue to be a major problem
    Unsolicited e-mails are out. Opt-Out is out. Opt in (permission based e-mail) is In.
  8. Broadband (Shaw, ADSL) will gradually become new standard
  9. The importance of new i-marketing tools will grow
    Digital business cards, e-brochure, e-commercial...
  10. Viral marketing will be a buzzword of the year

It is actually digitally augmented word of Mouth. Or, if you want, Word of Mouse.