12 Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

Here is our list of tips and professional advice for your step-by-step marketing success on the Net - By Ivan Surjanovic.

1) Start with the Big Picture.

Think how will the New Economy affect your business in the near future. What paradigms will be shifted? What new opportunities are arising? What is your new mission statement? What about your vision and goals?

2) Define your e-business Strategy.

Decide how you want to take advantage of the Internet.What are your web site goals? To enhance image, build relationships, reduce costs, sell, inform, or educate? How, when and what do you plan to sell? Will you form strategic partnership or do it by yourself?

3) Create an effective Internet marketing & communication strategy.

Who is your Internet customer? What Internet marketing techniques do you plan to use, in addition to your web site: Free on-line newsletter? Banners? Giveaways? On-line coupons? How do you plan to promote your web site?

4) Define your web site concept around customer’s interests.

First, answer the question what your goals are at each stage. To improve your image and reputation? To support off-line operations? Or, to sell over the Net? Define the structure of your web site. Plan to include pictures to make your web site more attractive. Think always from your customer’s point of view.

5) Select an attractive domain name.

Check if your company’s name is available for example at www.networksolutions.com. If not, you can still select a very effective domain name by choosing some attractive, easy to remember generic words or phrases. For example, if your company is in golf business – your domain name can be www.enjoygolf.com.

6) Write interesting and exciting texts for your web site.

Think what is most interesting for your customers. Emphasize benefits. Keep your paragraphs short.

7) Make an effective web site design.

Keep in mind main characteristics of effective web sites:

  • Nice and clean visual image
  • Simple, straightforward, easy to navigate
  • Fast
  • Interactive
  • Always fresh and interesting content

8) Register your web site – make it visible.

Look for the main web portals in your industry/city and place your free ad (company info). For free, or small nominal charge, get your site listed in more than 100 directories and search engines by using some of the addresses, like: www.submit-it.com, or www.websitepromote.com.

9) Start your integrated on-line marketing/PR campaign.

Build your presence on the net by using e-mail (opt-in) marketing, free e-newsletters, banners, webrings, referral programs, links, giveaways, on-line press releases, publishing articles, running auctions and contests, participating in mailing lists, user and discussion groups, giving on-line coupons, conducting surveys…

10) Promote your web site off-line.

Put your web address on business cards, letterheads, company vehicles, fax sheets, company profile, sales pamphlets... Advertise your web in traditional mass media.

11) Update your web site regularly.

Make your content always fresh. Give your customers the reason to come back again and again. Update your site everyday, or at least once a week.

12) Monitor traffic on your web site.

Get the statistics from your web site host server. Learn who visits what parts of your site, and when. And then – go back to step one, on a regular time basis.