e-Mail Marketing

10 Tips For Your Successful e-Mail Marketing Campaign - By Ivan Surjanovic

Did you consider creating your own e-mail marketing campaign? Here are several useful tips:

  1. Decide on main campaign goal (i.e. sell online, get new leads, promote your brand, sign up new people for your e-newsletter, inform about new product or service, build relationships with existing customers...)
  2. If selling, first design overall step-by-step sales process. Do not try to sell only with one single e-mail. Follow up with a second and third e-mail, and/or phone call or regular mail.
  3. Decide on the target audience. Send your e-mails only to those who have opted in to receive your e-mails. (If buying e-mail addresses, make sure that you buy only opt-in lists from reputable sources).
  4. Keep the content short (preferably one minute read).
  5. Always provide a call to action.
  6. Provide a link toward a special 'landing' page on your web site.
  7. Post more information on your landing page, interactive response form, as well as "Submit" button.
  8. Offer a special bonus / incentive for those who respond immediately.
  9. Test different messages.
  10. Measure success of each e-mail campaign. (How many people replied; how many bought the product, etc.)