The Four Characteristics of Great Web Sites

Brief check list - By Ivan Surjanovic

Web site Concept

  • Do you have clear and specific goals of your web site (to enhance image, to sell, to educate, to be used as online brochure, to reduce costs...)
  • Do you know who is your target market?
  • Did you develop your positioning strategy (How to be different? What is your strategic advantage USP)
  • Do you have formal plan how to build relationships with clients?
  • Do you have any plan how to bring visitors back to your web site?
  • Did you make your sales plan (How/what to sell? To whom? When?)


  • Did you provide a lot of interesting information on your web site?


  • Is it easy to find information?
  • Is navigation simple, friendly, intuitive?
  • Did you include home and contact page on every page?
  • Can your visitor always find the information in only 3 clicks and 8 seconds?

Visual image

  • Is your web site looking professionally, nice and clean?
  • Do the visual images support your concept and content? Are visual images appropriate for your target audience and for your positioning strategy?