12 New Management Trends

What will be the crucial factor of business success in the future? - By Ivan Surjanovic

In the years to come, many of business paradigms will change. The way we made success in the past, will NOT be the same in the future. The world changes very fast; Mr. Tom Peters, best selling author, calls this phenomena “the nanosecond society”.

What will be the crucial factor of business success in the future? Today, many leading global management consultants agree that the IDEAS and INNOVATIONS will play the most important role for corporate success. My research of more than 15 global FORTUNE 500 companies came to similar conclusions (see bellow). The most important resource for success will NOT be physical resources, like the size of the company, the production equipment, or the engaged capital. The key resource will become the brain, and the ideas. After industrial and information age, the new IDEA AGE is arising.

Here is the list of the 12 new trends, or new points to focus on.


  • Innovation and creativity. Encourage taking risks with new ideas, rather than "playing safe".
  • The consumers (Instead of focusing on internal problems in the organization).
  • Feelings, emotions (Instead of focusing primarily on "left brain, rationale thinking", such as price/quality ratio).
  • Adding value (Instead of compromising the quality).
  • Excelling (Instead of fulfilling expectations only).
  • Customers' delight (Instead of focusing on customer satisfaction only).
  • Proactive strategy (Instead of reactive strategy).
  • PULL strategies (Motivate the customer to ask for the merchandise), rather than PUSH strategies (pushing the merchandise toward the consumer).
  • Effectiveness (doing right things), rather than efficiency (doing the things right).
  • Decentralization (rather than centralization of organization).
  • Empowering employees (rather than practising command-and control type of management).
  • Team work and adhocracy (rather than bureaucracy).