Ten New Rules for Behaving Online - By Ivan Surjanovic

Buzzword of the day. It affects our daily business life. It is called Internet Etiquette, or Netiquette. Simply stated, this is a new set of rules for behaving in Cyberspace.

Rules related to your web site:

  • Remember the 3/8 rule. The visitor to your web site should be able to find any information in less than 3 clicks and 8 seconds.
  • Ensure easy navigation. Place most important links on all pages. HOME and CONTACT links are a must on every page.
  • Include your URL in all your correspondence and in all your promotional material (magazine ads, radio, TV ads, brochures and billboard advertisements, promotional products, etc.)
  • Include Privacy Statement on your web site indicating how you will be using visitorís e-mail addresses.

Rules related to your e-mails:

  • Do not send unsolicited e-mails.
  • Do not use CAPITALS in your e-mails. They are equivalent to shouting on the Internet.
  • The tone of your e-mail should be polite conversation, rather than a formal letter.
  • It is advisable to use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) feature when sending group e-mails, such as your e-newsletters.
  • Do not send attachments, unless you have the recipient's permission to send an attached file.
  • The content of each e-mail should be focused on one topic. If you want to write about two or three different topics, it is advisable that you send separate e-mail(s).