e-Newsletter Marketing

Building Relationships With Your Clients via e-Newsletter - By Ivan Surjanovic

Ten dos and don'ts of e-newsletter (e-zine) marketing:

  • Your e-newsletter should always be free.
  • Allow visitors on your site to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Make it easy and simple. Request only the information about their first name, company name, and e-mail address.
  • Always offer attractive bonus for people who subscribe to your e-newsletter (e-book, free consulting, free report, etc).
  • Educate your customers. Make them excited. Delight. Provide added value. Inform them about the news from your industry, about new products, etc. Feed their need for information and knowledge.
  • Make sure that your e-newsletter is short. Maximum one page.
  • Do not send unsolicited e-newsletter. Always ask for permission.
  • It is considered OK to send FIRST e-newsletter to EXISTING clients and friends without their specific permission. However, ask for their permission to continue mailing. Do not rely on opt-out option.
  • Include all e-mail addresses in b.c.c. field of your e-mail program (Blind carbon copy). Never disclose other people's e-mail addresses.
  • Always provide unsubscribe option.
  • Provide call for action at the end of e-mail. Tell readers what you want them to do. (E.g. : to give you call, to reply and request more info, to visit your site, to download your free e-book or pricelist, to fill out the survey, etc.)