What is Site Structure Management?

How to organize Web site`s content the best possible way - By author of SSM concept, Dragan Varagic

When you have hundreds, thousands or millions of Web pages on one site (or on several sites), one question appears instantly: How to organize that volume of content according to customer needs. Site Structure Management (SSM) is the answer.

When you want to attract visitors to your site, the best-known technique is creating and maintaining site`s content. In other words, providing quality, accurate, up-to-date, and searchable content via Internet services is paramount way for achieving successful online presence. Content Management software could do this task for you, and Application Software Providers (ASPs) are the companies which develop it. This kind of software and companies you can find on sites like http://www.aspstreet.com/.

Content management software solutions are often capable of organizing sites with many Web pages, site sections, categories, etc. The best example of content management software possibilities is content sharing. The software with content sharing solution enables different content implementation (text, pictures, modules like Banner Rotator, etc.) from different sources (different site pages, categories, different sites) on one Web page.

Site Structure Management (SSM) represents the way to organize Web site's domains, directories, and navigation on different Web pages, according to customer needs, using content management software with implemented SSM solution.

SSM solution is very useful when you have several hundred or several thousand of pages organized in many categories. When visitor comes to your site, you want to emphasise all the interesting content that you have to offer to him or her. It is not a good idea to show maybe 150 interesting links on the home page. Content management software with implemented SSM solution has the ability to organize site structure (or even several site structures) according to customer's interests and needs. This can be done by organizing or re-organizing structure of domains, directories, navigation, and even whole site structure, according to particular inner site marketing strategy solution.

There are only a few content management solutions with implemented SSM. One of them is BAX-P server solution implemented by a Swiss company Perspectives (www.baxp.com).

With content and structure management software, web site owners will reach expected level of relations with customers. Advanced marketing solutions that generate customer loyalty and good relations with customers, as the result of implemented site structure management solutions, ensure online success now and in the future. Last, but not the least, combined with other SEO techniques, SSM ensures the best possible ranking on search engines.