Traffic Success

Four strategies to generate more traffic and more qualified leads - By Ivan Surjanovic

You have built a nice corporate web site. But the traffic is not there yet. People cannot find you online when searching. You are not getting new inquiries, leads, clients. You are starting to question the investment in your web site.

If so, you may want to learn about the four strategies and steps you need to make now in order to generate more traffic and more qualified leads.

FIRST, check the QUALITY of your site from the consumers’ point of view.

  • Do the visitors have the reasons to come back to your site?
  • Is your site "you" or "we" oriented? Does your site provide solutions to your clients' problems?
  • Do you provide enough information about your products/services in an easy-to-find, intuitive way?
  • Do you have an organized system of gathering information about your prospects? Do you have a sign-in or sign-up page? Do you have any kind of survey or feedback page?
  • Is your site interactive enough? Remember, the key advantage of the Internet as a new media is its interactivity. Do you provide any advice column or any helpful tools, or search features on your site?
  • Is your site updated often enough?

SECONDLY, do your own SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Make sure that you include your keywords on all important pages on your site. Also, include your keywords in title tags and metatags. A good tip is to dedicate some pages of your site specifically to certain keywords and to have high 'keyword density" on those pages. That strategy may significantly improve your search engine rank. Also, register on the key search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Dmoz, etc.

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The THIRD step would be to actually BUY TRAFFIC. Paying for every visitor that comes to your site via Google or Yahoo! may be very profitable. This strategy is called Keyword Advertising. It actually means that your site ad will appear at the top when someone is searching on Google or Yahoo! when using your keywords. If someone comes to your site, you pay for example $0.20 for each visitor, up to your specified monthly budget limit. The two leading keyword advertising partners are:, and Even though this strategy may sound a bit expensive, it often pays big time. Especially if any new client has a great potential value for your company.

FINALLY, think about incorporating some 'VIRAL MARKETING' components on your site.

Viral Marketing is any marketing program that delights customers and motivates them to share their enthusiasm with others.,,, and others have done it. You may want to consider to:

  • distribute free e-books and/or e-newsletters
  • offer free services or tools on your site
  • design special rewards or loyalty programs on your site, etc.

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When combined successfully, the above four strategies produce great results. They can help not only generate new business for your company, but also build your corporate brand.