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Advice Column

Feel free to submit your question regarding Internet marketing. We will do our best to answer it asap. This service is completely free!

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Extra Mile Guarantee:

iPower Strategy will always deliver 100% of the guaranteed results clearly specified in our proposal and agreement. Plus, we will always aim to go one extra mile and deliver results beyond your expectations.

Guarantee for Search Engine Optimization Projects

We guarantee that your natural search engine rank will improve within 60 days or you owe us NOTHING. If, for any reason, we don't achieve improvement we will continue to work for an additional 10 hours at no extra charge. If there is no progress after this, we will return 100 % of your payment, no questions asked.

Guarantee for Web Site Design:

We will offer up to three different templates (images) for your new web site. If you don't like new images (not very likely!) we will continue to work for additional 10 hours at no extra charge. If after this you still don't like our design, we will return your deposit, no questions asked.