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iPower Strategy is a full service online marketing firm, located in Vancouver, B.C., since 2000. Its focus is on the IMPLEMENTATION of new Internet marketing technologies in client's business. Whether you need a partner to help you identify your best Internet strategy, design visual look, create database programs, or promote your business on search engines, we do it all. We hold the keys to your success on the Internet.

At the same time, if you and your employees wish to go through TRAINING and learn more about the new technologies, online productivity tools, new trends and opportunities, our new business, iPower Lab will be glad to create training program for your needs. Click here to learn more about iPower Lab

Whatever we at iPower do, be it website graphic design, web site development / programming, promotion or training, we do with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • I am not satisfied with our web site's overall results. I need to know why it is not producing results and how to improve our web site
  • Our web site's navigation is not user friendly. I need to learn how to improve usability / navigation and user experience on my web site

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  • It is difficult to find our web site on search engines

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  • We need to create brand new web site

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  • I am not sure what the best domain name for our web site is

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  • I would like to increase qualified traffic on my website
  • I would like to get more sales inquiries (leads) through my web site
  • I would like to sell more online

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  • I would like to be able to track my progress (rank on search engines, traffic, Internet marketing ROI)

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  • I would like to learn more about Internet marketing

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We are confident that we can help you define and achieve your business goals via Internet. Our confidence is based on experience in more than 80 web site marketing projects, including project done for Sandman Hotels, Wireless Association of BC, Barcode Applications, LifeScan-Johnson & Johnson, Telus, BCLNA, BCATA and Ministry of Agriculture, Priority Management, HongKong Bank - HSBC, Napier Environmental, Greystone, Canadian Health, Work and Wellness Conference, to name just a few.

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iPower Strategy will always deliver 100% of the guaranteed results clearly specified in our proposal and agreement. Plus, we will always strive to go extra mile and deliver results beyond your expectations.

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